A Good Boss is One Who Takes Ergonomics Seriously. Some Observations and Advices

Every boss or employer wants productivity – hence, office ergonomics

What does it take to be a good boss? Yes, perks and incentives matter, and so does leadership and appreciation of your colleagues. But that isn’t enough if we look at a boss or an employer from the modern perspective. Today, a good boss is one who takes ergonomics seriously. The entity of a modern office -including home-offices- is incomplete if there’s no inclusion of employee comfort and satisfaction at the workplace.

An ergonomic office is one that incorporates elements of physical and mental comfort for those who occupy it day-in and day-out. Office ergonomics include furniture, equipment, and practices that help people improve posture, mood, and productivity. Apart from that, a boss who takes office ergonomics seriously would encourage their colleagues to spend some time in an ergonomic meeting pod.

Employers, managers, and CEOs who follow the footsteps of corporate stalwarts would take a cue from the fact that office ergonomics is loved and endorsed by their role models. Giants such as Apple Inc. provided ergonomic sit-and-stand desks to its employees some years back. Ergonomic desk chairs, stools, and meeting pods add to the success script of global conglomerates. When bosses begin to show an inclination towards office ergonomics, they become fonder to their employees.

Ergonomically designed furniture such as standing desks and desk chairs are also good investments in the sense that they nullify replacement costs. And gradually, an ergonomically inclined company starts registering higher revenues, more profits, and higher retained earnings. Also, if a boss emphasises on office ergonomics such as ergonomic furniture, then the company’s expenses on medical claims reduce drastically. A good employer is aware of these benefits that office ergonomics brings along.

5 Benefits Of Office Ergonomics That Bosses And Employers Should Consider

If you’re an employer or a manager, then these takeaways of having an ergonomic office would surely attract your attention.

Your Employees Will Have Better Postures

Let’s not underestimate the importance of good posture. It’s equally important at the workplace as it is in social circles. As a boss, if you facilitate office ergonomics such as ergonomic furniture, you will soon be in charge of a workforce that’s a force to reckon with. Good postures have been the striking traits of all top performers. A good boss wants self-motivated subordinates, and a good posture sketches the outline for that. It begins with office ergonomics, and all bosses should take it seriously.

Your Employees Will Be Free From Back Aches

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Good riddance! As a boss, you will soon see lesser and lesser back ache complaints from your colleagues. Ergonomic arrangements in offices such as desk chairs, sit-and-stand desks, stools, and accessories are designed to provide ideal lumbar (lower back) support to those who use them. If you are serious about office ergonomics, then you may even consider hiring ergonomic experts to seek their advice on how to set up the workplace and even home-offices. Ergonomically cared employees are free of back aches, stiff necks, and bent spines, and this boosts their mood and productivity.

There Will Be Palpable Happiness And Productivity At The Workplace

Bosses who love office ergonomics should brace themselves for happiness popping up from every nook and corner of their offices. All thanks to ergonomic practices and furniture, employees in physical comfort are always in a zone of mental comfort. Ergonomic chairs and standing desks play a major role in uplifting the mood of employees as they are physically compatible, and look very pleasing as well. Coupled, these attributes of ergonomic offices boost everyone’s morale and as a result, productivity also goes up. Therefore, a good boss is one who cares for everyone’s morale. And that begins with office ergonomics.

There Will Be More Savings And Higher Returns-On-Investment (Roi)

Good entrepreneurs never miss out on chances of investing rightly and wisely. As an employer, if you invest in office ergonomics, you will, over time, see an upward trajectory in the company’s revenues. And how will that happen? Well, once your employees feel fit, healthy, and happy, they will contribute more to your profits. Secondly, ergonomic furniture and practices at the workplace – including home-offices- will save a lot of precious money on medical expenses. And furthermore, there will be no replacement costs, particularly in the case of furniture, as ergonomic furniture lasts quite long. If you want to be known as a good boss or an employer, then you are likely to appreciate the fact that ergonomic offices foster ROI that can be used as future investments and retained earnings.

You’ll Be Able To Retain More Employees And Attract New Talent

People who work in ergonomic offices feel safe, secure, and proud about themselves. When they see that their boss is serious about ergonomics, they become more loyal to the company. After all, who wants to leave a comfort zone? The other point to be considered as an employer is that ergonomic offices attract new talent. Unlike yesteryear, today’s professionals place a lot of importance on office ergonomics. They are highly discerning and aware of the latest ergonomic trends. And if a company asks them to work from an ergonomic home-office, then they grab the opportunity gleefully. Ergonomics at the workplace can define your stature not only as an employer, but as a leader as well.


As we have seen, being a good boss in today’s corporate scenario implies a fondness for ergonomics at the workplace. Ergonomic offices are the stepping stones of success and longevity. As a boss or an employer, you should be serious about office ergonomics.

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