What You Need To Know About Outdoor Vaping

What You Need To Know About Outdoor Vaping

We’ve got the ultimate guide to vaping outdoors for those of you who like to explore the great outdoors.

Be Careful When Choosing Devices

You need to conduct research before you buy Geek Bars or Elf Bars. Despite the fact that outdoor vaping may seem the same as indoor vaping, there are some differences, especially if you intend to be active outside. A device must be chosen carefully and should be properly protected.

The Best Outdoor Vaping Device

It is the Geekvape Aegis Solo that is the best option for outdoor vaping. This device is IP67 Water & Dust Resistant along with shock-resistant, rubberized coating making it more than a match for any other.

Battery Life

Choose a device whose battery can last a long time when you’re spending time outdoors. The battery life becomes even more critical when you are away from your charger for a long time.

The battery of some vaping devices drains much faster when the wattage is higher. Consider purchasing additional external batteries in addition to choosing a long-lasting and durable battery. Bringing spare batteries with you on a long trip will ensure that you will not run out of power.

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Drip Covers

Maintaining your device is part of enjoying a vape. It is unfortunate that moist, loose, or coated particles can clog your vaping device, causing a malfunction. Fortunately, protecting a device is easy. Simply place an inexpensive silicone cap on the device. By putting the cap on, dirt and debris will not become trapped inside, helping to prevent damage to the device. It is not hard to protect your device, and it ensures that you will be able to vape at any time.

Rugged Design

Outdoor vaping requires a rugged design. In a vape, its tank is the most vulnerable part. A well-designed unit should be able to house a tank well. The materials should be thick and durable to ensure it does not crack if dropped.

Make sure the device has a metal or rubber casing whenever possible. A silicone band can be used as a protective wrap for your vape if you cannot afford to purchase a new device with a robust housing. Drops can cause cracks in this band, but it is not highly protective.

Furthermore, when you buy Elf Bars, they should be waterproof and offer a strong grip. In wet or muddy conditions, you might lose your grip and drop your device. This is possible depending on your outdoor experience.

The following features can also be found in today’s rugged devices.

  • Shock-proof
  • Dirt-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Includes Eco Mode

Economy mode is not available on all e-cigarettes, but some newer devices do offer it. It is possible to save some battery life by using Eco-mode, however, there is a downside. In this mode, power is reduced, so each session will be less nicotine-inducing.

This method might not be preferred by all, but it helps when your battery life is slowly going down and it is impossible to reach a charger. There might be a drawback to this mode, but it is better than the possibility of your battery running out and being unable to vape.

The eco-mode is the right mode for reducing battery usage, and you should do whatever you can to help extend battery life. Using it frequently can help you save a lot of battery life.

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