7 Tips for Teenage Girls to Feel Good

Do you know the most challenging and demanding stage of life among girls? Teenage is the best and worst developmental stage for most girls, depending on how you treat this stage. There are so many things to deal with as a teen, from educational issues to hormones matters. Understanding who you are and what you want in this modern life can cause headaches for many teen girls.

Although living a happy life for teenage girls may not be simple as it sounds, many are affected mentally or physically. Peer pressure, the entertainment industry, and social media mainly lie to teenagers on whom or what they are. Many teenage girls copy what they see and hear on digital platforms that negatively affect their lives. This informative post will look in detail at the top seven tips that make girls feel good. Continue reading to override the lies with truth on this topic.

Tips that Make Teenager Girls Feel Good

Staying Away from Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol use by teenagers is against the law as it hinders the development of brain functionality and structure. Alcohol leads to brain impairment affecting cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and information processing. Teenage girls should avoid alcohol as it causes poor performance in school and high rates of absences due to hangovers. Saying no to alcohol is the only way that will make you feel better.

On the other hand, drugs cause several problems to teenagers, and the only way to feel good is by avoiding using them. Drugs affect the development of the brain, making it difficult to solve the issues and struggles to remember for teens. Drugs can lead to low grades in school and cause depression cracking down the happy feeling in many girls. The effects of drugs on teenagers outweigh their benefits. Remember to always seek professional rehab help for addiction if you succumb to alcohol in your teen years.

Manage your Diet

Girls, unlike boys, tend to keep an eye on what they consume. They love tasty foods that make them smile and feel satisfied. Teenager girls avoid breakfast because they think it can add weight, but breakfast is essential for their health. Taking a proper diet at each meal will improve your health and help the body grow strong. In this case, teens need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Teenage girls should avoid foods with many calories as they add bodyweight unless they do exercise regularly. Eating healthy meals can help your body with a natural and beautiful shape. Consider eating three meals per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a lot of water to clean your body while avoiding dehydration.

Daily Exercise

Apart from walking, you need to have a 30 minutes workout regularly to maintain your body fitness. When you wake up, start with warm-ups, shift to stretching, work some cardio for at least 30 minutes, and then start your day. Before going to bed, it is vital to do some sit-ups, push-ups, and some strength exercises, as this will help stabilize your bones.

Although having a gorgeous body may be good on your side, flexibility is also essential for girls. Teens with chrome conditions need to seek guidance from the doctors and start slow before reaching long distances or faster repetitions. Exercises increase the sense of confidence and physical attractiveness not only for the body also for the mind.

Make Friends and Be Sociable

The easiest way to make friends is by being friendly and greeting others with a smile. Using a comparative approach to talk to others will help them feel comfortable and happy, keeping you company. Talking is the only way you know what is troubling your friend’s heart or mind thus, you should find time to communicate with friends.

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Parents are our first and best friends that you need to talk to when affected by anything in the teenage stage. With the digital social platforms, you can talk to other people and relatives after school on different topics that can make you feel good. Try new adventures with your friends like watching movies, shopping on weekends, and new positive stuff, this will make you feel better.

Care for your Appearance

Before going anywhere or return home, take a shower because it will make you smell pleasant to others. Teenage girls should look clean and organized by wearing fitting clothes; avoid baggy, stained, and old clothes. Brush your teeth after every meal to maintain good oral hygiene enabling you to smile with confidence. Put on some foundations to increase the beauty, and always choose the light ones for your match.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and requires more care each day. Wash your face every morning and night before sleeping with warm water or soap, and then use a facial moisturizer. Lotion your body after morning or night shower and drink a lot of water to increase your skin growth and health.

Manage your Hair

Teenage girls love their bright growing hair, wash with shampoo and conditioner twice a week. Cute hairstyles improve adolescent girls’ beauty and confidence, so consider putting a lovely style on your hair and don’t get too crazy. Other girls like coloring their hair, and some use bleaching agents, depending on how they want to appear.

Remember, hair is the beauty of any girl, so you can try new styles if you have long hair and have some fun. There are hundreds of styles that you can make your hair starting from braids to fishtail.

Concentrate on your Studies

Most teenagers who pay attention to what the teacher says find themselves on the right side. Girls that focus on their books excel in exams and feel proud of them, making teachers and parents happy. Do your homework and seek assistance from teachers or parents on the parts you did not understand.

During class time, if you don’t understand a concept, ask the teacher to elaborate more. In this way, you help others get the point better, and the teacher can be proud of you. School is the only place teenagers spend quality time with friends.


There is no good feeling for teenage girls like believing and having confidence in them. With this, you can have fun with yourself and relax regardless of what others think of you. Happiness in teens comes from different simple things and not from alcohol or drug abuse. Managing your physical appearance can add a score of confidence and appreciation from others, affecting your happiness positively.

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