Prepare Yourself from Cigarette Withdrawal Issues

With the continuous use of smoking, the nicotine starts affecting your brain. People who smoke regularly gets addicted to nicotine, find it extremely difficult to stop smoking.

And when you suddenly quit smoking, the body will not be able to accept the process of not having the daily dose of nicotine. This is called the withdrawal symptoms in smokers while quitting cigarettes. Withdrawal makes the person uncomfortable.

During the withdrawal period, the craving for cigarettes is high. The mood of the person changes from feeling sad and irritated. They will have trouble sleeping. These are some of the common symptoms found in a person who suddenly quit smoking.

Some even feel a mild case of flu. And for some, these symptoms last for few days to few months. Hence, managing the person to feel better and be prepared to face the challenge is most important to get out of the habit of smoking.

The Most Common Symptoms Include:

  • Having cravings for cigarettes
  • Feeling down or sad
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Feeling irritable‚ on edge‚ or grouchy
  • Having trouble thinking clearly and concentrating
  • Feeling restless and jumpy
  • Having a slower heart rate
  • Feeling more hungry or gaining weight

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How Do We Prepare the Person to Quit Smoking?

The feeling of withdrawal is usually found to be high during the first week of quitting smoking cigarettes.

Many people feel will not be able to quit smoking in the first period and get back to the habit. You may feel these as the toughest days to pass. But, when you surpass the first week without smoking,  you will slowly be able to adapt to the new you. Over time, the symptoms will fade away.

The body starts to adapt to the attempt to quit cigarettes and get prepared. And so, you should try to con and know what to expect so you can stay smoke-free.

There are several ways to quit smoking including medications, and opting for alternative methods such as IQOS, chewing gums, and geekvape. Changing the things that keep you away from smoking can help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal is found as uncomfortable for many people. But the good news is that there is no health danger from nicotine withdrawal. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you should do to have a healthy body. The mental strength and help from the loved ones can help to get over the extreme withdrawal symptoms, and it will fade over time. You can fiind more information at vapourcore

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