Perfect T-Shirt for you

T-shirts are the most easy-going, comfortable wear. But there can be a debate that T-shirts look too lazy or sloppy and might give a wrong first impression. Are you someone who thinks this too? Well, if yes, you have surely stumbled upon the right place. This article will discuss how to make T-shirts look alive, lively, happening, and most importantly, NOT SLOPPY!

So without much blab, let’s get into it.

Know the Occasion

Dressing for the Occasion can be the most important thing you do. Just imagine if you wear a graphic tee to your office meeting, or you wear a striped polo tee to a date, BLUNDERS! It is essential to dress for the Occasion and decide accordingly as to what clothes will better suit the event.

When you can’t decide, a simple plain white tee and blue jeans can never go wrong.

Know your Body Type

The next most important thing is to be aware of your body type. If you’re a strong-built man, you’re presumably mindful of the additional load in your midriff. A tight-fitting T-shirt will not shroud this well overall. In case you’re on the thin side, a T-shirt may complement the leanness of your arms and upper-middle. You can even choose a cheap vintage t-shirt depending on the occasion.

You need to be aware of your curves to look better in what you wear.

Fit is important

The two most important things a T-shirt should be doing is

  • It must conform to your body shape.
  • It mustn’t cause discomfort or restrict freedom of movement.

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T-shirt in pure linen

The correct fit tee can set you and your soul free. Hence this too is an essential aspect of choosing the fitting tee.


We cannot stress how important this factor contributes to your dressing style. You might not even notice how certain fabrics have the capacity to enhance your looks, while the others can do the exact opposite. Some fabrics start wearing out right after the first wash, which is just not what you want.

Keep up with Trends

While it is essential to be yourself, sometimes experimenting and mixing matching can do wonders. Graphic tee has topped every fashion list since 2016 and will continue to do so. Choose the right graphic tee that can show your inner self.

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