Fantasy Cricket Lets You Find Out Your Cricket Knowledge

Fantasy cricket is a wonderful opportunity for cricket fans to try and test their cricketing knowledge by selection their dream team. Fans that follow any sport seriously look forward to an opportunity of creating their dream team. Play fantasy cricket is an online game that helps cricket fans in realizing their ardent wish of creating their teams and seeing them in action on the field. The best part of playing fantasy cricket is that one can select player from various countries of the world in one team and see them play for one team. The game of cricket is widely loved and appreciated and followed by millions of people all over the world and the recent world cup has witnessed a huge increase in the number of fans that follow the game seriously.

Playing fantasy cricket is very simple and the first thing which one needs to do for this is to find an online site that provides fans with the opportunity to play fantasy cricket. You will first have to get registered with the site if you really want to play fantasy cricket to see all your favorite players play for your dream team. There are many online sites that are particularly dedicated to cricket and most of them provide the option for fans to play fantasy cricket. The online game of fantasy cricket is also a chance for you to test your actual cricketing knowledge and the best way to find out your cricket skills is to select your team and see how they actually perform on the field.

Fantasy cricket is mostly played when any tournament involving international cricketers is in progress. All the players taking part in the tournament are listed and allotted certain points. These points are given based on the current form and performance of the player. So it may happen that the world’s best player may be in the list, yet he may not have the highest points if he has been out of form lately. This is one important criterion that you will have to keep in mind while selecting players for your dream team. Remember that just because a player is well known for his playing abilities, you select him in your team. The only thing which you must consider while playing fantasy cricket to select your team is the current form of the players.

Well if the players in your team are not in good form how do you expect your team to perform well and win the match? Your team that is playing fantasy cricket can win the game only if they perform really well on the field. On the basis of the performance that the players of your fantasy cricket team out up on the field all the players are allotted points. After the end of the tournament all the points are calculated, and if your team manages to score the highest points you will be the winner. Baazi mobile gaming online sites and earn money game app BMG give out attractive prizes to the winners. So the amazing part of fantasy cricket is that you get to select your dream team and if things go well you end up winning attractive prizes as well.

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