Which Lenses are Perfect for Your Eye Health

Which Lenses are Perfect for Your Eye Health

Just like your skin needs protection from UV rays, your eyes also require protection from these harmful rays. UV rays or Ultraviolet rays are electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from the sun and even from artificial sources. It generally causes skin burn, and overexposure to them triggers premature aging and other related skin issues. The lights with a shorter wavelength tend to create more damaging effects than expected, so it is usually recommended to cover your eyes and skin while going out in the daylight.

Photochromic Lenses

People who use prescription glasses face difficulty, as soon as they shift to sunglasses while going out on a sunny day. The major reason is that the majority of sunglasses do not offer vision correction. So, you tend to keep juggling between the glasses; there are high chances that you even might misplace any of your glasses in between the switches.

Exposure of eyes to UV lights causes red eyes, excessive tearing, and even light sensitivity.

How are you supposed to overcome this issue? The eyewear industry has brought these intelligence lenses; that are clear prescription glasses indoors, and as soon as you step out in sunlight, they go darker in tint equivalent to the exposure of sunlight.

The specific composition of the lenses absorbs the UV lights making the tint darker. The higher the intensity of lights, the darker the lenses get. As soon as you step back indoors, these glasses go back to being clear lenses; these lenses are known for their rapid fade-back speed.

These lenses are available at various tints as per your requirement.

Benefits of Using Photochromic Lenses

  • It works both as clear prescription glasses and sunglasses.
  • It eliminates the struggle of switching between the glasses.
  • It prevents eyes from potential UV damage and related issues.
  • It provides vision correction even with photochromic lenses.
  • Adjust automatically to the light conditions outside and high fade-back speed.

Blue Light Lenses

Just as photochromic lenses are used to prevent eyes from exposure to UV rays, in the same way, there are glasses that block blue light from reaching the eyes. Blue lights are part of visible spectrum light that is emitted from digital screens and LED lights.

Unlike UV rays, these lights are not harmful unless overexposed. Blue lights are generally associated with memory boosting, and even increased attention span. But when the eyes are exposed to them for long hours while working constantly, it causes strain in the eyes, causing fatigue and pain and even dry eyes.

It is generally recommended to avoid using digital screens such as mobile phones and laptops at night as constant exposure to blue light in dim conditions directly affects the retina, creating painful discomfort in the eyes and even alters your sleep cycle. It is advised to switch off the blue light mode at night or not to use screens before sleeping.

You can always try to reduce your screen time and provide some much deserved proper rest to your eyes.

Benefits of Using Blue Light Lenses

  • Blocks blue lights from digital screens reaching our eyes.
  • It provides much-required relief from strain and fatigue.
  • It prevents major and minor headaches.
  • It increases your work productivity.

These lenses are beneficial when it comes to looking after your eye health; you usually tend to forget to blink while looking at the screen; this causes the eyes to get excessively dry, causing pain and itching. So, while working, don’t forget to give yourself a wink.

While purchasing online glasses in the UK, various websites offer features beneficial for your eye health; you must make a knowledgeable selection while selecting glasses and making requirement specifications online.