People Can Take Either Food or Casein Protein Powder at Night Time

Difference Between Normal vs Nighttime Protein

It can be difficult to keep your body nourished at night. Do you wake up early or go to bed earlier? Then, you have Micellar Casein Protein that are marketed as nighttime supplement. These drinks can be useful if you’re looking to bulk up or lose weight. It is not something I need as a cyclist. Although I have tried many brands of shakes, I still think they are a bad idea. This could prove to be difficult.

Let’s first look at what they are made of. The main difference between nighttime and normal protein is the actual protein. Both come from milk. Whey, the standard protein, accounts for around 20% of milk’s protein. Casein, the key ingredient in nighttime shakes, accounts for the remaining 80%. They take longer to digest. This is the main difference. Casein takes around seven hours to go through the stomach, so it’s ideal to consume at night. Your body will get a steady supply of protein that will help you repair and rebuild your muscles.

Avoiding too Much Protein Powder

Experts will tell you that your body can obtain all of the protein it needs through what you eat, unless you have a medical condition. You should not eat too much protein. Although it is easy to believe that increasing your protein intake will ensure your muscles have enough of the macronutrient, in reality your muscles will store any extra fat they don’t need.

Endurance athletes can’t tell if their muscles require more protein. Sore muscles can be a sign that you are doing hard training, but they don’t necessarily mean you should fuel more. It can be an indicator, but it is not the best idea to assume that your muscles are fatigued because they aren’t getting enough fuel.

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Consumption of Macro Nutritiants a Day 

My calorie intake is something I keep track of. I take a look at how many macro-nutrients were consumed throughout the day. On days when I’ve been training hard or long, 100-mile plus hill sessions are a good idea. If I can’t get enough food in the day, then I’ll have to eat a nighttime protein drink. Yes, I keep a small bag in my cupboard. However, anyone who uses calorie counters will know that they are almost ineffective when they are used for long periods of time. It’s not easy to adjust to the fact that you require more fuel. Therefore, a breakdown of macronutrients will always indicate that you have eaten too many carbohydrates, protein, and fat, even though you’re burning fewer calories. What do I expect? The app I use is free!

Casein protein can pose some risks, including a strain on the kidneys that could lead to dehydration, slow digestion, and increased fat absorption and storage. It is not dangerous to use. Casein can cause you to become ill, just like the warnings on medicine packs However, it is unlikely unless you are allergic or intolerable. It might be worth having a backup supply of protein for nighttime just in case. You don’t have to eat it every day, but you can add it to your meals if you feel you need it. Isn’t that one reason we put so much effort into our bodies to be able to eat whatever we want.

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