Mobility Scooter Motor Maintenance – Some Useful Tips

Mobility Scooter Motor Maintenance – Some Useful Tips

A mobility scooter acts as an aid to help people maintain independence while helping those with mobility challenges maintain a lifestyle. Mobility scooters are more than just a mobility option for people who are disabled.

They have become very popular and are a regular feature in our communities. However, to enjoy the features and the benefits of your choice of mobility scooter, you must ensure that your mobility scooter motor is kept in top notch condition.

Although the technology around mobility scooter motors has improved considerably within the last 10 years, especially their design and robustness, you must still be aware of basic maintenance requirements as an owner of one.


Batteries are very important in mobility scooters. Check the section in your user manual regarding battery maintenance, to determine if your mobility scooter motor is in a good condition. Acid batteries should be kept clean and dry. Here are a couple of pointers:

– You must regularly charge your scooter batteries

– Since batteries can be affected by low temperatures, they must be stored accordingly

– Batteries lose the capacity to hold a charge thus check your battery indicator

Cleaning and Damage

Keep it clean. Cleaning it regularly prevents build up of dirt and grit which can find its way into the moving parts of the scooter such as the motor or the brakes. Cleaning regularly also prevents the formation of rust. When removing dust, dirt and grime you can prevent unnecessary health problems as well.


Try to cover your mobility scooter as much as possible when not in use. Store it in a dry, secure, and clean place, and if you do not own a shed or outside storage then store it inside your house. As mentioned above, mobility scooters should always be covered when not used, to protect from low temperatures but also to prevent corrosion.

High temperatures can also affect batteries just as much as low temperatures, which can affect the lifespan of the battery.

General Checks

The underside of your mobility scooter might be the hardest part for you to reach to see part of the scooter, and because of that it might be the one important part which is easiest to overlook. Therefore, check the underside for dirt built up or for damage, as it may contribute to further and serious damage to your motor.

Also check for loose screws as they not only weaken the integrity of your mobility scooter, but they can also fall out creating further risk of injury to your mobility scooter motor. Check the tires for any damage as both solid and pneumatic tires can get damaged.

Finally check the indicators and lights. Your lights and indicators are as important since you are driving in traffic.


You must service your mobility scooter regularly. There are moving parts such as brakes, and enclosed mechanics such as the mobility scooter motor on the inside. These have to constantly be checked by a trained technician.