How to Make Popcorn in A Pressure Cooker?

How to Make Popcorn in A Pressure Cooker?

To begin, turn on your gas stove and put on the pressure cooker. 1 tsp. Oil should be added to your cup. I want to use the slightly sweet-infused oil for corn. Now stir in 1/2 cup popcorn seeds. Stir the seeds about in the oil with a spatula to cover them. Cover the surface of the pressure cooker with a glass lid. You can use one from a skillet that I had on tap.

What you need is somewhere to hold the popcorn and fire in. It does not have to be a unique lid. Set the pressure cooker to HIGH, SAUTE, and START. It takes a few minutes for all the sauté to get hot enough then to heat the kernels until they pop.

When the popcorn kernels are sufficiently heated, they will begin to pop. At the full flame, it just takes a few seconds to crack all of your kernels. Switch off the slow cooker and empty the container until the cracking slows. Take good care, it’s hot!

Empty the popcorn and remove any unpopped kernels. Top with melted chocolate, salt, ranch spice, or whatever you want.

Why use a Pressure Cooker for Popcorn?

  • The popcorn has lower oil content than pre-packed popcorn.
  • You can use any ingredients you choose.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • Popcorn is a joy to watch.

Making popcorn can seem to be a difficult process, but it is not. You’ll need to know 2 factors when cooking popcorn: the level and the kind of oil you’re using.

Popcorn seeds can only pop in a scorching hot pan with such a temperature rise of more than 100 degrees Celsius. Because of the hot pressures, lower melting point oils fire, essentially frying the taste of the popcorn. Only higher flash level oils, such as canola oil, can adequately cook kernels while smoking.

Pressure Cooker Price and its Multiple uses

The lockdown has altered the way we cook. Shopping less often means filling the pantry with long-life essentials. At the same time, scarcity has forced us to abandon our old faithful fast spaghetti dinners in favor of an unusual array of exotic recipes, and we’re consuming every last morsel of food.

Therefore with the growing time, it is important for a student staying in pg or other houses to have a pressure cooker as it has multiple uses. Therefore it is important to get a pressure cooker of good price. One of the best site to get affordable and a good quality pressure cooker is

It is not worth the risk to prepare popcorn in a pressure cooker. A hot pan on the stove does a great job of frying popcorn which is less dangerous. Finally, a rice cooker is designed to cook rice; this is not a multi-cooker Instant Pot. When it comes to frying popcorn, even microwave pots are less effective than pots.


Pressure cooker price depends on one brand to another. Therefore it is important the needs and gets the utensil of your requirement. The pressure cooker prices range between 500-5000 rs depending upon the variability and brand.

The pressure cooker price on an average cost of 1000 for good quality and of good durability. So, if you’ve prepared a low-cost budget, using a pressure cooker as a popcorn maker would be inconvenient.