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Many folks regularly ask what kind of glasses would fit them. While it is imperative to wear glasses if you are short-sighted or far-sighted but on the other hand, choosing the right pair of glasses would mean a lot of different ball games. If you are going for a tour and regularly need glasses then a basic one may work great for you. However, many buyers may ignore cheap ones and may go for branded ones like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, etc.

The main issue with buying glasses remains with the right fitting. If you buy glasses of poor quality, it will irritate you to an extent that you may throw them away in anger. While there is a big difference between cheap and branded ones, hence, customers may get confused with them. Most genuine products will have a suitable warranty apart from other promising features like blue light blocking or titanium frames that can hold customizable lenses.

Cheap products will have extremely poor quality and may also disfigure or discolour on the slightest impact or rain/sweating. They are randomly available everywhere with no warranty at all. They may not survive even a month. Some brand replicates are also making the rounds with warranty-less features. One thing that cheap glasses can assure is the price. Even if you lose them, it won’t affect you much.

On the flip side, branded eyewear or glasses are built with superior precision-making instrumentation at an industrial scale to cater to the global masses. They are highly durable, strong, and lightweight in nature. The high-end finish and design is another thing to watch out for and be amazed by. Branded glasses will have better impact resistance against crashes or falls and they also carry an exciting warranty period that covers you with manufacturing defects. SmartBuyGlasses offers the perfect medium between cheap and good quality glasses. Their SmartBuy Collection offers frames from as little as £6, making them as cheap as chips, but ensuring premium quality materials and design.

How To Shop SmartBuyGlasses Online In The UK?

Buying glasses may be complex due to a wide variety of types that are different from each other as per their features. Features make the difference between branded and cheap ones. However, if you are truly fond of branded ones, then determining your face structure is a must to arrive at the best selection.

Getting The Prescription: An optometrist or an ophthalmologist is the right person to get your eye test done and accordingly, they will suggest you a prescription or update the old prescription.

SmartBuyGlasses technology and innovation have made the game simpler and easier. Once you have the prescription, you can enter the details while buying the glasses or you can email it later after the purchase or you can simply upload the prescription file on the website.

With cutting-edge Virtual Try-On technology, you can easily select the best frames as per your face structure. Do try this amazing technology to virtually try different frames and glasses. As a guide, this blog features 3 best glasses from SmartBuyGlasses that will give you a new personality for the better good.

Tom Ford FT5401 045


Frames made from high-quality materials and design technology, the Tom Ford model is trending while offering great savings for you. With full-rimmed frames, they are one of the best in providing superior comfort and balance on your face.

Gucci GG0635O 004


One of the best with durable plastic frames, the Gucci model has enough hardpoints to mesmerize anybody. The black colour and cat-eye feature with effective impact resistance are an instant hit among the eyeglasses’ customers.

SmartBuy Collection Temple Asian Fit 790C


If you are ignoring expensive glasses, then you can always come to the SmartBuy Glasses for their affordable pricing and a 2-year warranty solution.

SmartBuyGlasses offer big discounts with ClearPay installment service and all the models bear a free shipping solution with a 2-year warranty and a 100-day return policy. Use the amazing Virtual Try-On tool to get the best out of the website.

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