Dansys- Samsung HS70A with Prime

The Samsung HS70A is an advanced diagnostic technology for diagnostic. It is designed to fit in all applications like fetal, gynecology, neonatal cephalic, obstetrics, abdominal, pediatric, trans-rectal, urology, pediatric cardiac, peripheral vessel, and more. Samsung’s HS70A technology has some automated features in order to reduce the operational time and improves your clinical workflow. The advanced QuickScan technology enhances your workflow with one single touch by optimizing the Doppler parameters and grayscale. Samsung’s HS70A technology has some advanced measurement tool features like S-Detect™ for Breast, E-Strain™, S-Detect™ for Thyroid™ as well as E-Thyroid. It’s easy for physicians to examine the obstetrical and gynecological. And, also Samsung’s HS70A technology includes S-Shearwave™ as well as Arterial Analysis™ quantitative measurement tool to detect cardiovascular diseases.

Samsung’s HS70A technology has the advanced functionality to detect the vessels that occur before morphological. This system has advanced imaging function technology like S-Harmonic™, ClearVision, and S-Flow™. The S-Vision™ imaging engine evo beamformer receives a sophisticated digital filtering system that helps to reduce the side lobes and artifacts too. And, the S-Harmonic™ technology provides a crystal image by reducing the signal noise. The ClearVision provides a special application to optimize the live scan. And, also ClearVision helps to enhance the contrast of natural and clear images.

The quantitative measurement tool of Samsung’s HS70A technology is S-Shearwave™ and Arterial Analysis™. The S-Shearwave™ helps the user to get more information about the propagated through the lesion and displays. And, the Arterial Analysis™function helps the user to detect the changes in vessels as well as help to provide accurate measurements like intima-media thickness. And the major advantage of Arterial Analysis™function detects cardiovascular diseases.

Designed for user convenience

23-inch LCD monitor (LED backlight unit)

To enhance the image clearly, Samsung’s HS70A with Prime features a 23-inch LCD monitor, delivering clear crystal images on a large ultrasound display.

Silent Operation

Samsung’s advanced HS70A technology helps the user to allow the physical exams to be performed, while this system is turned on.


You can easily move this Samsung’s advanced HS70A technology in any place.

10.1-inch touchscreen

The 10.1-inch touch screen of this Samsung advanced HS70A technology helps the user to operate smartly and efficiently too.is exceptionally sensitive and makes operating the ultrasound system smartly efficient.

User-friendly console design

Customizable key functions allow the users to create a workflow tailored to meet their needs.

Advanced measurement Guidance tools 

The advanced S-Detect™ for Breast measurement tool helps the user to find the lesion area and provides the characteristics of the lesion. In Samsung’s HS70A system the S-Detect™ for Thyroid uses advanced technology to detect thyroid lesions automatically. This advanced feature of S-Detect™ for Thyroid helps diagnose patients by providing accurate reports. The E-Strain™ elastography for breast with strain ratio calculation tool helps to examine the strain ratio easily between the two regions of breast and prostate. The E-Thyroid™ uses pulsations from the adjacent Carotid Artery in order to provide the thyroid lesions.

Some Unique Features of Samsung’s HS70A with Prime:

  • 23-inch LED monitor
  • 10.1-inch LED touch screen
  • Rotate adjustable control panel
  • Prevention of the noise from operation
  • Customizable Body Maker
  • Customizable User Keys
  • Integrated cable management
  • S-Harmonic Mode
  • S-Flow
  • Quick Scan™
  • ClearVision

Samsung’s advanced HS70A system Realistic Vue™ feature displays the 3D anatomy with complete depth perception. It provides moveable light to the user in order to calculate the skin and tissue. The Single Crystal technology with an S-Vue transducer helps to increase the depth penetration this can be done even in the most challenging patients. The 5D diagnostic solutions measure the size as well as the status of each follicle in order to provide the information while assessing (IVF) in-vitro fertilization. The 5D CNS™ offers six measurements which are the key indicators of the fetal brain.

Those six measurements are (HC, OFD, Vp, BPD, Cerebellum, and TCD). 5D CNS+™ will increase the reproducibility by reducing the operator dependency. The 5D LB™ allows the user to detect and measure the fetal bones and the fetal structure. And, the 5D NT™ which is known as (Nuchal translucency measurement) allows the user to obtain the true mid-sagittal plane. This happens by applying the Realistic Vue™. The 5D Follicle™ automatically measures the 3D function in order to identify the ovarian follicles. The 5D Follicle™ is a great tool in order to increase the ratio of (IVF) in-vitro fertility.

The Intuitive streamlined workflow tool

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Quick Preset

The Quick Preset shows the four connected transducers and, the most frequently used image settings with one single touch.


Samsung’s HS70A EZ-Exam+™ tool transforms the multiple imaging steps into a streamlined process.

Advanced QuickScan™

The Advanced QuickScan™ technology provides intuitive optimization of Doppler parameters.

The HS70A with Prime Samsung Ultrasound system is designed to fit easily in your hand while operating it.

Why Dansys- HS70A with Prime?

The Dansys HS70A with Prime technology is an FDA-approved technology in UAE. It boosts the accuracy of diagnosis treatment to new heights with the advanced Samsung ultrasound HS70A with Prime. It uses the powerful S-Shearwave™ technology to measure liver stiffness. Dansys Group is a top-rated global medical equipment company with 13 years of experience in providing the leading medical equipment throughout the nation. We’d love to share more about the Dansys- Samsung HS70A with Prime advanced technology. We sell all the quality Samsung products including the Samsung WS80A, Samsung HS50, Samsung HERA W10, and more.

We deliver the best-in-class HS70A with Prime technology at a cost-effective price. We offer quality HS70A with Prime Samsung ultrasound systems to hospitals, imaging centers, as well as to medical practices throughout the world. As the largest distributor Dansys made a reputed name in the market by providing the top-grade Samsung HS70A with Prime device in UAE.

Do you still have more questions about our Samsung HS70A with Prime Ultrasound Machine? Contact our HS70A with Prime ultrasound experts. We are ready to assist you and meet your needs. Reach out to us today!

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